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  • Texas Wildlife Control & Removal
  • Texas Wildlife Control & Removal

Our Services

Wildlife Management, Trapping & Removal

Fort Worth Wildlife Control professionally and humanely trap and remove wildlife on your property in a timely and safe manner. We remove live and dead wild animals and clean up after them. We want to remove the threat of wildlife for the safety and well-being of you, your home and your property.

We don’t just trap and remove wild animals, Fort Worth Wildlife Control also offers repair of the damage wildlife have caused as well as wildlife exclusion of your home or commercial building to prevent wild animals from returning and new wildlife from accessing your property. Our wildlife exclusion includes sealing any existing and potential wildlife access areas to better protect your family and property from the risks wild animals pose. We can close entry cracks and holes, caulk and seal them, install vent screens and chimney caps as well as take other actions to help keep unwanted pests out.

Sanitize & Clean Up of Wildlife Contaminated Areas

Wild animals in particular leave a mess of droppings and contaminated nesting materials wherever they travel in and around your home or commercial property. Many people don’t realize but wildlife excrement can be more dangerous than the wild animal itself! Animal urine and droppers can grow hazardous spores that if inhaled or swallowed can cause serious and sometimes even fatal illnesses. Fort Worth Wildlife Control offers detailed wild animal cleanup, disinfectant and sanitation treatments to protect your loved ones, employees and guests rom the many bacteria and diseases carried by wild animals such as squirrels, raccoons, bats, birds and their droppings.

Dead Wild Animal Removal

If a wild animal has died in your wall voids, attics or other places around your residence or workplace, the wildlife may have stopped causing physical damage but the contamination risk still remains. Fort Worth Wildlife Control is experienced in safely locating, handling and removing deceased animals from your property. We can also help alleviate the unpleasant smells that are emitted from animal carcasses as they rot.

Insulation Removal & Replacement | Attic Restoration

Wild animals often carry parasites such as ticks, mites and fleas. Without proper treatment, these parasites can remain even after the removal of the wildlife itself. Also, wildlife activity in your attic has undoubtedly decreased the effectiveness of the insulation. Damaged attic insulation or insulation that does not adhere to U.S. Department of Energy guidelines, will need to be restored or replaced. Fort Worth Wildlife Control are specialists in attic restoration including safe removal and disposal of soiled or damaged insulation as well as insulation of new attic insulation.

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